Mindfulness Workshops with Eric Harrison

Mindfulness5 DecemberSaturday9:00 — 3:00pm Enrol Now
Mindfulness20 February, 2021
Saturday9:00 — 3:00pm Enrol Now
Mindfulness22 May, 2021Saturday9:00 — 3:00pm Enrol Now

Workshop Information

All workshops are held at the Subiaco Community Centre at 203 Bagot Rd. This is 100 metres east of the petrol station on the intersection with Rokeby Rd. The hall has ample space for social distancing. Please note that this is a closed council facility and is not open to the public during the week.

The fee of $250 (or $150 concession) includes a copy of The 5-Minute Meditator, which will be posted to you in advance when you book in. A super-concessional rate is available on enquiry to the unemployed, and to victims of the lock-down. You can postpone a workshop after booking in, but there will be no refunds after a course has started.

The workshop introduces you to a range of practices. Some are long, but some of them are quite short. These ‘spot-meditations’ will help you shed the unnecessary stress rapidly and restore a sense of balance and control during the day. Nor do you always have to sit down to meditate. You can easily relax whenever you walk, wait or do exercise. A spot-meditation well done can restore you to a base-line level of arousal in less than a minute.

People meditate for a variety of reasons: to control an overactive mind, to sleep better, to wind back anxiety, to manage illness or distress, to be more focused and productive, to get more pleasure in life. If you understand what happens in your body and mind when you meditate, you can confidently adapt your practice to suit your own goals and lifestyle.This workshop will also teach you how to meditate without having to rely on a group or a teacher. You will learn to read the physical and mental signs of success and know how to deal with the bugs that arise (distraction, fatigue, bad mood, runaway thought. . .)

Meditation is based on just two abilities: relaxation and attention. Both are natural and intuitive but we hardly ever develop them as skills. We can all relax: we all fall asleep eventually. Most babies can do it perfectly but it becomes harder as we get older. Meditation trains us to relax quickly and consciously at any time, even with a stressed, busy mind.

Relaxation is a physical skill, whereas learning to pay attention is a mental skill. In meditation, the training of attention starts very simply. Focusing on the breath or the body more deliberately than usual accelerates the process of relaxation, while the act of focusing calms the mind.