The Art of Living Well

Three years ago, I reached the age of 65, and I started to seriously consider life after work. What would be the best possible way to live, given the time remaining? When I become free of the need to earn a living, what activities would give me the most satisfaction?... Read more

Spiritual Alternatives

Because I seem to know a lot about Buddhism, my students often ask me if I also follow a spiritual path. In other words, do I follow a particular Buddhist teacher or lineage, or hold beliefs about reincarnation or an afterlife? Often these people are also wondering... Read more

How the Sutta works

In the last chapter I described sati as sustained, purposeful attention. I will now explain how it is applied throughout the Sutta. Before I do so, I have to address an uncomfortable issue. The Buddha’s techniques are exquisitely practical, but his values are not... Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Meditation?  Meditation is a technique that relaxes the body quickly and calms the mind. It involves two skills. The first is learning to relax quickly and consciously. The second is learning to pay attention and so control thought. Relaxation and... Read more


Why do people meditate choose to meditate? There are many possible reasons but one always comes out on top. This issue usually has to be dealt with first. When I ask my students why they want to learn, they typically say they are too anxious. They have runaway minds... Read more

Poor Sleep

Most insomniacs know why they can’t sleep. They think too much. Their minds go too fast and never stop. When they go to bed, the unfinished thoughts of the day crowd in on them. Even if they fall asleep through sheer exhaustion, they often wake a few hours later... Read more