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Eric HarrisonEric Harrison established Perth Meditation Centre in 1987 and has since taught 25,000 people how to meditate. His teaching style is rational, practical and free of spiritual or New Age ideas. He offers a range of meditations for relaxation and mental control which he likes his students to adapt to their own purposes. Nearly half his students are referrals from doctors or psychologists and he also works extensively in the corporate world. Eric's books on meditation are now published in fifteen countries and thirteen languages, and his magazine articles are available on this website.

Mindfulness Meditation is a technique that relaxes the body quickly and focuses the mind. It is ideal for anxiety, insomnia, a stressful life and an overactive mind. It is based on simple principles and is remarkably easy to do. Once you understand how it works, it is easy to integrate into an active life. You can shed the unnecessary stress rapidly and calm yourself down in less than a minute by meditating 'on the spot' several times a day. Longer sessions will relax your body to the point of sleep and make the mind delightfully calm and focused.

Psychologists and educators now promote mindfulness for a wide range of non-traditional purposes. In the last decade mindfulness has been subjected to intense scientific scrutiny. For an update, see the articles on the right of this page.

Eric’s new book Mindfulness 101 is now available for $25 + $5 postage. This book defines mindfulness and meditation (no, they are not quite the same) and explains how to practice them. It looks at our vernacular use of the word ‘mindful’; the greatly expanded psychological usage; and the original Buddhist meaning. It also contains a translation of the Buddha’s DIY text The Foundations of Mindfulness. PDF versions of each chapter of Mindfulness 101 are available to read and download.

The Mindfulness courses run for 5 weeks and 90 minutes each time on Monday and Wednesday nights. They cost $220 (or $160 concession) and include four guided meditation CDS to support your practice at home. View course schedule.

The Mindfulness workshops run from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturdays. They cost $200 (or $150 concession) and include an accompanying book and CDs. The next Meditation Teacher Training Course starts on March 12 and costs $600 (or $500 concession). The classes, workshops and seminars take place in Subiaco and in the workplaces of corporate clients.


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