Corporate Training

Meditation and Mindfulness at Work

1-hour seminar: $500
90-minute seminar: $600
2-hour seminar: $700
3-hour seminar: $800
All fees inclusive of GST and travel

The 1-hour ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ consists of:

  • A brief explanation of mindfulness, relaxation and attention
  • A 15-minute guided meditation, to illustrate how it all works
  • Comments, questions and answers
  • Two ‘spot-meditations’ of 1-3 minutes each, to conclude the session

These sessions will show you how to take a break even under extreme time-pressure. Discover how to relax your body and calm your mind — and how to stay focused, alert and productive — at your desk, during meetings, with a deadline approaching, whilst commuting, on a flight, or indeed any time you happen to be alone or not interacting with others. These techniques can be done ‘on-the-go’, in the midst of a busy day and without the need for a quiet, distraction-free environment. You can even do them while walking down a corridor. No incense, no mantras, no corporate training gurus and no neuroscience required.

Meditators tend to be relatively healthy, reliable and consistent employees. They make fewer mistakes, relate to others more skillfully, are less reactive and manage their time effectively. The stress of work and competing demands is often beyond our control, but we can learn to respond in ways that are less damaging to our well-being and sanity. The ability to relax quickly whenever possible, and de-clutter the mind, is a foundational skill for self-management, and it is almost essential for quality sleep. In the long run, this contributes job satisfaction, safety and productivity. This is why many of the world’s biggest corporations now offer mindfulness training for their staff. It helps fulfil their obligation to the well-being of their employees, and it is also incidentally good for business.