About these Articles

In 2005, after producing my book The 5-Minute Meditator, I was asked to write a series of monthly articles for Nova Magazine, which is a nationwide publication based in Perth. Each magazine has a particular theme, which explains the diversity of subject matter in the... Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Meditation?  Meditation is a technique that relaxes the body quickly and calms the mind. It involves two skills. The first is learning to relax quickly and consciously. The second is learning to pay attention and so control thought. Relaxation and... Read more


Why do people meditate choose to meditate? There are many possible reasons but one always comes out on top. This issue usually has to be dealt with first. When I ask my students why they want to learn, they typically say they are too anxious. They have runaway minds... Read more

Poor Sleep

Most insomniacs know why they can’t sleep. They think too much. Their minds go too fast and never stop. When they go to bed, the unfinished thoughts of the day crowd in on them. Even if they fall asleep through sheer exhaustion, they often wake a few hours later... Read more

What is stress?

Stress is a slow but very reliable killer. It exacerbates the effects of most diseases and chronic conditions. It delays recovery from illness and it makes us age more quickly. Like nicotine it seems to affect all the systems in the body. Stress also makes us anxious... Read more

Muscle tension

Stress is a very physical event. We feel stress most clearly in our muscles, particularly in the neck, shoulders, back and face. We even use the words ‘stress’ and ‘tense’ interchangeably. “I feel tense’ means the same as “I... Read more

When walking, just walk

A Buddhist slogan goes ‘When walking, just walk’ or in other words, ‘Pay attention to the ever-changing sensations of your body as you walk.’ This principle can be equally extended to other activities: ‘When eating, just eat. When... Read more

Why I am not a Buddhist

Many people assume that because I teach meditation I am probably a Buddhist. This is a natural mistake to make since the two are often confused. However meditation is a practical skill. Buddhism is a conservative Asian religion. There is no automatic connection... Read more

What is Mindfulness?

Until recently, people spoke about ‘meditation’ but hardly ever used the word ‘mindfulness’. This was a jargon word found only in the context of a certain kind of 10-day Buddhist retreat. Then, around 2005, the situation changed dramatically. As a teacher, I get phone... Read more

Awakening: keep it personal

After a climactic night of meditation, the Buddha became fully ‘awakened’ at the moment of sunrise. This word invariably implies a kind of fresh morning radiance in the soul. We imagine an awakened person as having a continuously serene and joyful state of... Read more